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Pre-Kindergarten Program

A child oriented program with

activities that will prepare your

child for kindergarten



  • Responsible for personal items: coats, bags, cubbies

  • Goes to the bathroom independently.

  • Tells what he/she needs.

  • Follows routines independently.

  • Independently dresses for outdoors: coat, hat, mittens.



  • Demonstrates confidence.

  • Plays with other children.

  • Takes turns & shares.

  • Accepts disappointment.

  • Accepts adult guidance.

  • Demonstrates self-control.



  • Speaks in 5 word sentences.

  • Follows 2-3 step directions.

  • Speaks clearly.

  • Participates in group discussions.



  • Uses crayons with control.

  • Uses pencils with control.

  • Uses scissors with control.

  • Manipulates small pieces.

  • Large motor skills appropriate for age.



  • Shows self-direction.

  • Attends to a task: in a group.

  • Attends to a task: when working independently.

  • Completes tasks.

  • Transitions from activities appropriately.

  • Helps with clean up.

  • Uses class materials appropriately.

  • Waits his/her turn when speaking in a group.

  • Participates in circle and class activities.



  • Identify shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle.

  • Identify colors.

  • Works 24 piece puzzle.

  • Says first/last name.

  • Prints first name.

  • Uses left to right progression.

  • Responds to a story by answering questions.

  • Identifies letters of the alphabet.

  • Identifies sounds of the alphabet.

  • Sorts objects.

  • Completes simple patterns.

  • Recognizes numerals 0 – 10.

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